Peer Ministry Program

Peer Ministers serve an important role of the One Call Institute. Throughout the week, they are called to be servant leaders for their peers, lead daily reflection groups, and be present to other OCI participants. This group is limited to about ten students. Those who feel called to this ministry are encouraged to apply for a position!

Goals of Peer Ministry include: 

  • Facilitating meaningful conversations for the purpose of spiritual growth,

  • Fostering and modeling community, and

  • Providing opportunities for participants to serve in leadership roles.

Responsibilities for 2019 Peer Ministers include:

  • Completing virtual training prior to the OCI week.

  • Initiating and maintaining contact with group members prior to the OCI week.

  • Leading a group of about 7-9 other OCI participants in discussion sessions during daily peer group meetings.

  • Facilitating daily peer group dinners to foster community among group members.

  • Communicating any student concerns to OCI staff and actively working with staff to resolve any issues.

  • Being an ambassador of the OCI program. Peer Ministers are a supportive and uplifting presence within the OCI community, before, during, and after the week of OCI. 

If you would like to participate in this ministry, submit the general application and follow the prompts to answer the Peer Ministry questions.  As there are only about ten spots available, be sure to submit your application in a timely fashion. Applications for anyone interested in serving as a peer minister are due by March 1, 2019 – an earlier deadline than the Youth Application forms. Do not delay in applying!