Youth participants on a hike to the Stella Maris Chapel.

Youth participants on a hike to the Stella Maris Chapel.


Frequently Asked Questions


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1. What are the dates of the summer program?

Our 2019 summer program will begin on Tuesday, June 25 and ends on Sunday, June 30. 

2. Where will the institute take place?

Our summer program will take place on the beautiful campus of Saint John's Abbey and University in Collegeville, Minnesota. Participants will enjoy the beautiful architecture and 2700+ acres of lakes and wood

3. What are the age requirements for the youth track?

Participants for the youth track are students in high school or the first few years of college. Our youngest students are entering their 10th grade year of high school; our oldest students are entering their second year of college. 

4. Do I need to be able to read music to attend?

No! Reading music is definitely an advantage. While most of our participants are able to read music, we understand that not everyone can. Additional assistance will be available, as needed.

5. I am an instrumentalist. Do I still need to sing while at One Call?

Yes! We will give you every opportunity to develop your skills on your primary instrument. However, singing is an important part of liturgical music, and we will all sing when we are not playing our instruments.

6. Do I need to be Catholic to attend?

No! While our focus is on Catholic liturgy, we welcome members of all Christian denominations who wish to participate. 

7. Who is eligible to attend the Advocate (adult) track?

Any adult actively engaged in ministry is welcomed to attend (i.e. music directors, liturgists, catechists, directors of religious education, pastors, youth ministers, teachers, etc.). Please note that Advocate Track attendees must bring along at least one participant for the Youth Track. 

8. if i want to attend the youth track, does an adult need to attend, too?

No! While adults wishing to attend One Call must bring along a youth participant, there is no requirement that youth participants bring an adult. We strongly encourage both youth and adults from the same community to attend, however, as it adds a depth to the experience and provides more opportunities for engagement once you return home.

9. Do I need to live on campus or can i commute?

All youth participants must live on campus for the entire institute. Adult participants in the Advocate Track may opt to commute. 

10. Do i have to attend the entire program or can i come for part?

Because of the structure of our curriculum, participants must attend the entire institute. 

11. What is the cost of the 2018 summer institute?

For current One Call tuition rates, please visit the “Apply” page. Note that there is a reduced “early bird” rate for both Youth Track and Advocate Track participants. Additionally, there are other incentives for Advocate Track participants (i.e. prize drawings, multiple youth participant discount, etc.).

Program fees do not include airfare or other costs associated with travel to Minnesota.

12. Does One Call offer scholarships?

Through the generosity of our partner organizations and sponsors, One Call is able to offer limited scholarships. We can also help suggest other sources of funding and assistance. If finances are truly the only barrier to you attending the program, please let us know and we will work with you to share some ideas and opportunities. You can email us at with a brief explanation of your situation and your contact information, and we will be in touch.

13. I need to fly to Minnesota to attend. How do I get to campus?

We will arrange for a shuttle to transport participants to Saint John's at the beginning of the institute and back to the airport at the end. Participants have the option to arrange their own transportation, if they choose. If you plan to take the shuttle, please do not purchase your air ticket until the departure and arrival times have been communicated. We don't want you to miss your ride!

14. What are One Call's safe environment procedures?

One Call takes the safety of participants very seriously. All team members submit certification of safe environment training and verification of aptitude for ministry from their home diocese. Additionally, every team member undergoes additional safe environment training before the institute begins. 

The Saint John's campus also has safety and security services. Life Safety Services is the campus security department. The campus also has its own first response EMT team and fire department. Summer programs have procedures for fire, severe weather, and other emergency situation.