Composers Tony Alonso (l.) and Jaime Cortez (r.) at the 2018 Welcome Concert.

Composers Tony Alonso (l.) and Jaime Cortez (r.) at the 2018 Welcome Concert.

Composer experience

The One Call Institute is excited to introduce a new, one-of-a-kind initiative for our 2019 Summer Institute: The Liturgical Composer Experience. The program is structured in two tracks:

1. Audition-based track

Up to 4 student and 2 adult participants will be selected for the program based on composition samples that they submit as part of early registration.

These 6 participants will be commissioned to write a song that will be used during one of our many prayer experiences at One Call. The composition of these songs will be overseen and aided by composers on the One Call faculty team in advance of the Institute.

While at the institute, these participants will in engage in extensive facilitated peer review, and receive private and group instruction by leading liturgical composers.

Further information for composers interested in the auditioned track can be found in the “Composer Experience Guidelines.”

2. General Track

Even if you are not selected for the audition-based program, interested composers would be welcome to attend a variety of group formation and break-out sessions. These sessions, covering topics like text-writing, music theory, digital engraving, publication process, ritual music, choral voicing, etc., will be given by established liturgical composers and editors.

Faculty for the Liturgical Composer Includes:

Maureen Briare - OCP Composer

Craig Colson - WLP/OCP composer

Rory Cooney - GIA/WLP/OCP Composer

Jaime Cortez - OCP Composer

Marty Haugen - GIA Composer

Zack Stachowski - GIA Composer

Kate Williams - Senior Managing Editor, GIA

Audition Requirements:

  1. Application for this program MUST take place during the early-bird registration period.

  2. Applicants must submit sheet music scores of two (2) liturgical songs for consideration. Songs will be reviewed by members of the OCI faculty. Recordings may be sent as well, but sheet music is REQUIRED. PDF and XML are acceptable file types. 

    These submissions can be original hymns, psalm settings, mass part settings, gathering/communion/recessional songs, settings of hymn texts, etc. Questions can be directed to Zack Stachowski at

  3. Any use of copyrighted/already-published material (e.g. hymn texts) must be clearly cited and indicated. One Call will assist with providing any needed permissions and licensing. 

  4. This program is intended for emerging liturgical composers. Composers with a significant body of work already published by a major publishing house are not eligible. Contact Zack Stachowski at for questions concerning eligibility.

  5. If accepted, participants in the audition-based track will be expected to meet several composition/revision/editorial deadlines in the months leading up to the 2019 Institute. Failure to meet these deadlines risks dismissal from the Liturgical Composer Experience track.