Fr. Michael Joncas leads a session for the 2018 Advocate cohort.

Fr. Michael Joncas leads a session for the 2018 Advocate cohort.


Program for Advocates

At its core, One Call exists to engage, empower, and support young people in their growth and development as pastoral musicians. To accomplish this critical work, our summer institute employs an exceptional team of educators, musicians, and ministers to work with youth participants. However, we recognize that the adults who have the greatest opportunity to impact the lives of young people are those who work in parish and campus ministry.  

Participants in the Advocate Track experience a curriculum designed to equip adults engaged in parish and campus ministry to better reach out, serve, and mentor young pastoral musicians. By working with master practitioners, participants study both the theoretical frameworks and practical strategies necessary to be effective in promoting the inclusion and empowerment of youth.

The primary components of the Advocate Track curriculum are described below. In addition to these common experiences, we are pleased to provide a Composer Experience for aspiring liturgical music composers in both the Youth and Advocate Tracks.


Liturgical formation 

Liturgical formation sessions provide an opportunity for participants of both the Advocate and Youth Tracks to learn together. Each session breaks open and explores a key component necessary to our understanding of the liturgical life of the church. The topics offered change each year. Topics offered in the past include “The Foundations of Ritual Music,” “The Three Judgements: Pastoral, Musical, Liturgical,” “Holistic Approaches to Liturgy Planning,” and “Understanding Models of the Church.”

Pedagogy workshop

Pedagogy workshops assist Advocate Track participants in understanding key factors affecting young people and their relationship with the Church today. These sessions explore relevant social and developmental research, effective instructional and coaching methods, and important cultural and generational trends. Participants acquire a “tool box” of practical knowledge and tactics.

theology core

The theology core is the academic anchor to the Advocate Track. To be effective ministers, each of us must constantly seek to improve our theological knowledge and professional development. In this series of four classes, participants concentrate on a selected area of theological focus. The area of concentration changes each year. Possible topics include Scripture, Ecclesiology, Christology, Liturgy, Sacramental Theology, Church History, and so forth.

ministerial core

Ministerial core is the ministerial anchor to the Advocate Track. In addition to our need to grow in our theological understanding, we must also strive to constantly develop our knowledge of pastoral and ministerial frameworks and practices. In this series of four classes, participants concentrate on a selected area of pastoral and ministerial focus. The area of concentration changes each year. Possible topics include Evangelization, Catechesis, Leadership Development, Spirituality, and so forth.

spiritual formation

Spiritual formation programming offers participants of the Advocate and Youth Tracks and team members opportunities to examine their own spiritual life. Each session includes a conference, given by a different presenter, that explores an aspect of spirituality. Following the conference, participants continue to discuss and explore with peers. 


Prayer is of central importance to our time together. All participants and team members gather for Morning Prayer and Evening Prayer each day. Our week ends with Mass on Sunday morning. All liturgies are led by participants. In addition to the prayer schedule for the institute, participants have opportunities for additional prayer experiences on campus (i.e. monastic liturgy of the hours, daily Mass, rosary, etc.). 

recreation and campus opportunities

In addition to learning sessions, participants have an opportunity to enjoy the beautiful campus of Saint John's Abbey and University. Spend time discovering The Saint John's Bible, visiting The Saint John's Pottery studio, exploring the Hill Museum and Manuscript Library, praying with the monastic community, adventuring through the 2700-acres of woods and lakes, and more!

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